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Lock Replacements


A variety of locks are sold on the market. You have household locks and auto locks, which might require lock replacements for a number of reasons. In order to better serve you with your lock out and lock in needs as well as other circumstances you might have, the following has been drafted regarding circumstances where you might need the locks and what options you have.

Reasons for lock replacements

- Burglary
- Broken key in the car door
- Broken key in the front door lock
- Broken parts of the lock
- Lock broken in order to fix a lock out or lock in issue
- Peace of mind due to lost keys


The above are the typical reasons you might need replacement locks. The first one might be what comes to mind any time you consider replacements. Usually burglary means the locks have either been broken or someone had the house key. For example, if you lost your wallet and your house key was with it, you might need replacement locks either because the break in happened or you worry it will. In fact peace of mind is a good reason to change your locks should you think someone might have your key or access to your home.

For safety reasons anytime a burglary has happened it is important for you to change all your locks including your window locks. In this way, no one can break back in because you have planned against it. If you have lost your key this is another good reason for lock replacements. You never know if your house key will appear again, but in case it falls into the wrong hands it is far better to have your locks changed out.

The other reasons listed are fairly self explanatory. If there is a broken lock or key in the lock then it has to be replaced. There are rare circumstances where you may be able to repair the locks, but it is often better to have a whole new lock to avoid any new lock outs or lock-ins.

Types of locks to replace

    - Cylinder locks
    - Euro cylinder locks
    - Garage locks
    - Mortice locks
   -  Mortice sash locks
    - Multipoint locks, usually UPVC
   -  Night latch
    - Rim cylinder locks
    - Window locks
    - Padlocks
    - Panic hardware
    - Digital door locks


The list is comprised of the many locks which might be used by you around your home. You also have car locks which might be replaced depending on the age of your vehicle. Lock replacements for vehicles can be a little harder on the newer models because of the technology, thus you may need to find a specialised locksmith.

Cylinder locks and rim cylinder locks are quite common for the home. They are often the type of lock found within your dead bolt. Digital door locks are also becoming quite popular and they can break, but be replaced with ease.

Common brands your locksmith stocks

Yale, Chubb, Union, Evva, Banham, ERA, and Asec are the most popular brands of locks in the UK. These popular brands are often in stock and on the locksmith’s service truck to ensure they can handle your call all in one trip rather than running back to the shop. Whenever you need lock replacements it is important you have a locksmith you can trust. A locksmith who is prepared with the most typical locks is one you should consider. They will not waste time or increase your payment by running back to the shop. In fact if you let the locksmith know what model lock you have and the brand, they can definitely be prepared before they show up to correct your lock out, lock in, broken lock, or key issues that might arise.

Locksmith services in Greater London make it possible to get the help you need where you live or work. With the right company you are able to obtain the services you need, with no hidden costs for the service call. Additionally, 24 hour emergency services are provided for any lock out, lock in, or auto lock emergency you might have. Businesses have the option of starting an account for replacement locks and other business services.