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Lock Fitting for Upgrading your Locks

We tend to over look our locks. As long as they let us in the house, car, or commercial building we do not think much of them. For those who might be in charge of security for their business, you might think about locks a little more such as whether you have the proper security and whether all the doors shut for the night. With issues of people entering commercial buildings illegally and causing harm you have to think a little more about your job and its security. It does not mean your car or home are less important. In fact, it is actually in your best interest to concentrate on your home and car a little more. You should not start your car and go back inside. You risk it locking on you and you risk someone stealing it. In terms of your home you risk burglary if you do not have better locks and security. Locksmiths are available for lock fitting, which means they can help you upgrade your locks and security for any home, car, or business.

Lock fitting from locksmiths

You may want to replace your own locks. There is nothing bad about doing the lock fitting on your own. After all, installing a lock is fairly simple as long as you need the same size hole. You just remove the old lock to replace it with the new one.  Anyone handy with a screwdriver can truly do this. Yet, there is a very good reason to call a locksmith for lock replacement. They can get the work done much faster for one thing, but more importantly they know the locks on the market. Who is to say you have picked up the right lock when you went to the store? Perhaps you asked a sales person? Maybe you just liked the look of the lock you purchased, but didn’t think too much about the security? With your trusted locksmith you know you have the right lock being installed.

Furthermore, when you call for a locksmith you can have them review your security system. If you do not have one get an estimate for installation. Burglaries are up and what is worse they are happening during the day. This is because thieves know most people are at work so it is actually easier to get into the houses when no one is around. As sad as it is, you do not have to be a victim. You can use preventative measures and upgrade your locks and security system.

Popular locks fitted during lock replacement

When you need a lock replacement, there are many decisions to make. Locksmith engineers tend to carry certain popular locks with them to ensure they have what they need on the service truck. Some brands often carried with them include Yale, Chubb, Union, Asec, EVVA, Banham, and ERA. It is in your best interest to look at each of the locks and determine which style you prefer and which one has the best security.

Cylinder locks are the most common house locks. It is because they are simple to replace and use. The cylinder lock can have a five point system, but what makes it easy and cheap to replace is that it is all one mechanism. Most houses use these while in business you often see rim cylinder locks. Deadbolts are a good example of cylinder locks.

As you consider lock fitting also consider lock key pads. Digital door locks have a key pad which you create a code for. The code needs to be something you can remember with ease, but something a thief cannot crack. In other words, for better security it should be a number that has nothing to do with you. For instance, some people use their four letter middle name to come up with a number code. Others use a marriage date or birth date. These are things which can be traced to you, so you definitely need to come up with a code someone cannot guess right away. Also, 1234 is a highly common and default code. Setting your keypad to this can also be dangerous. Speak with your locksmith about digital key pads as better security.