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Automobile Entry with Auto Locksmith Services

Being locked out of a car is easier than ever before. Most cars made after the 1990s have upgrades in security systems. Engines started coming with computers too for the mechanical side of things. These advancements in technology help stop car theft; however, it does make it more difficult to get into a locked vehicle when the keys are in the ignition. This difficulty makes it necessary to call an auto locksmith. The old method of unlocking car doors without a locksmith for a car does not work on most new vehicles.

How to unlock your car door without an auto locksmith

In the past it was possible to use a slim jim or hanger to unlock a car door. All you had to do was slide the hanger in between the window and the weather stripping. You could move the hanger fairly easily to get underneath the lock and pull upwards. Door locks have changed a lot since then. They are automatic now and many of the locks are on the side of the door right next to the handle instead of on top of the door frame just inside the window. Depending on the model car you own an auto locksmith might be able to use a slim jim. Most of the newer models prevent easy access to the door lock such as putting a metal panel in between the inner door and the outer door meaning it is more difficult to reach the locking mechanism.

How a locksmith auto service opens new model car doors

A locksmith for a car might have a slim jim to use on the car door for certain makes and models. It will depend on the age of your car too. It is possible within five minutes to have the car door unlocked when using professional services. If a slim jim will not work there are other methods for the professional auto locksmith.

Tools such as a lock bump gun, bump keys, or auto jiggers are used by locksmiths. These tools are designed for the door lock. With the right cut on the auto jiggers or bump key the door can be faked into believing the key has actually been put in the lock. This is a safer method than the slim jim since the tools are designed to open the door properly. Slim jims have a potential of damaging the weather stripping or window if used improperly. It is very important to hire a professional locksmith auto service.

Why hire professional locksmith auto service?

A locksmith auto service hires employees who are properly trained to deal with an auto lockout. Several months are spent learning the trade and the tools to be used for a lockout situation. This ensures customers that their car door can be opened quickly and with a minimum amount of trouble. The best method can be used to open the car door to avoid any damage to the lock or vehicle. If necessary an auto locksmith can replace the keys for the vehicle while offering roadside assistance for keys lost or locked in the vehicle.

Emergency locksmith in Greater London

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