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Locksmith in Croydon Solving your Lockout/Lock in Troubles

Croydon as the largest town in South London has a fairly large population, making it one of the 11 metropolitan centres of Greater London. As you drive around, live, and work in Croydon there may be times you need a locksmith in Croydon. Perhaps you went to visit Fairfield Halls or the Ashcroft Theatre, only to find you locked your keys inside the car. Now you need to call a 24 locksmith in Croydon so you can continue on with your day or night activities. A hundred situations can arise in which you are suddenly locked out or in while living, visiting, or working in Croydon, thus we can offer you a company with trained, professional engineers to solve your locksmith needs.

Locksmith in Croydon for vehicles

Cars are just one reason you may need a locksmith in Croydon. Sometimes we are in a hurry and forget to take the key out of the ignition. At other times you might have stepped out of the car for a second, with the car running, and accidently shut the door. Of course, since you have a newer model car the doors locked, automatically leaving you in a dire situation. Your car is still running and you cannot get to the keys. Luckily you have your phone so you can call for an emergency locksmith in Croydon to get you back in your car before it runs out of petrol. This example is just one for why you may need our company to help you. The fact is we offer vehicle and automobile services to get you back in your car quickly and without fuss. We may need to cut keys, create a new key fob with a new code, or simply use a slim jim to get you back inside.

24 locksmith in Croydon for business lock ins

Lockouts are the most common reason for a locksmith to be called. Yet, sometimes lock in situations occur. A lock in means you are unable to open the door to get out of where you are rather than a lockout where you need to get in someplace. Businesses are often where these situations happen, though not always. For example a door in your home could slam really hard and you are unable to open it even though it is not locked. It is often an easy fix, with one person on the other side pushing the door while another pulls. Typically with lock-ins at a business the door is not going to open without help, so you need a 24 locksmith in Croydon. They can arrive within an hour of your call to ensure the person locked inside the building, bank safe, or other room is let out. A bank safe is a good example of a lock in. As you might be aware some bank safes are on a timer where they can only be opened after and before a certain hour. A locksmith could help get the safe open.

Emergency locksmith in Croydon for homes

An emergency locksmith in Croydon can also be called whenever you have a situation at home. Perhaps you left your key inside and do not have access to a copy. You could try breaking in the door, a window, or finding an unlocked door or window on the first floor. You could also call a locksmith in Croydon to fix the situation. They can pick the lock or fit a key to the lock without the actual key. In some instances drilling the lock might be the most expedient option. If they do need to drill the lock a replacement would be needed.

Locksmith prices for Croydon residents

Affordability is one thing you want from your locksmith. We provide fixed pricing for our locksmith services. You will not find any hidden fees or VAT attached to our prices. We quote costs before all work which will include labour and any replacement parts which you might need. In this way, you know exactly what you will be charged. For businesses we also offer accounts to ensure you have a flexible pay system. We understand you may need up to 14 days after work completion to pay an invoice, so you can start a business account.